Top 5 Vaping Myths

Despite vaping being a relatively new trend, it is controversial among smokers and non-smokers alike. Controversy regarding vaping exists due to the lack of sufficient research on the practice and its health effects. In addition to that, most people harbour misconceptions about vaping. This article addresses five most common vaping misconceptions. Visit Tools 420 if you want to find more resources and information.

Misconception # 1: Vaping is Dangerous Like Smoking

In contrast to vaping, smoking requires the direct burning of tobacco. This releases ashes, carcinogens, and other compounds into the air. On the other hand, vaporizers pass water vapour and heated air over tobacco to produce the desired results. As such, the process does not burn any product directly which minimizes the number of harmful products inhaled. Another difference is that vaping liquids contain products found in everyday products except for nicotine. These ingredients have been found not to cause any adverse effects to humans.

Misconception # 2 Vaporizer Batteries are Bombs Ready to Go Off

Even though batteries can explode, correctly using batteries helps prevent them from exploding. Similar to all batteries, you vaporizer’s battery needs adequate ventilation while in use or when charging. Hence, it is important to practice the proper battery care etiquette to prevent explosions. As long as you handle batteries correctly, they are as safe to use as your mobile phone’s battery.

Misconception# 3: Danger of Second Hand Smoke

As vaporizers do not burn real tobacco, they omit less carcinogenic content than cigarettes. Though second-hand vape contains nicotine, its content is insignificant. Results of various studies indicate that second-hand smoke is dangerous. The impact of second-hand vape will prove less dangerous once on-going studies conclude.

Misconception # 4: Non-regulation of Vaporizers

Initially, when these devices entered the market, they were not regulated federally.The FDA recently instituted federal controls on vape shops and manufacturers. In turn, this ensures that only quality products make it into the market with inferior products being eliminated. In addition to that, most vape shops have internal quality assessment tests that ensure that vapers get high quality as well as safer devices.

Misconception # 5: Vaping Leads to Smoking

Originally, vaporizers were created to help individuals quit smoking by providing an alternative to the direct lighting up of tobacco products. Smoking is perceived negatively, causes health risks, and foul odors. This is why most smokers are transiting to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Several studies demonstrate that people vape to control smoking their habit. Besides that, most vapors have previous smoking histories.

Rumors and the lack of conclusive studies cause havoc and panic about vaping. But the truth of the matter is that vaping is much safer than smoking. Vaping can help regular, or hardcore smokers curb, control or quit smoking. In addition to that, vaping provides a more secure inhaling alternative.

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