Top 5 Tips for Buying a Business Printer

Whether you are starting a business or you have been there for a while, having a reliable printer in the office is very important. Today business printers are built with improved technologies, and they are more affordable than ever, so there is no excuse not to have one. However, one might ask, with so many types of printers such as inkjet, laser, LED and solid ink, how do you know which is the best printer for my business? Here are top 5 tips from the experts;

1. Type of the Business

Not all companies print word documents and spreadsheets only; others have to print on canvas, fabric and print is important to ask yourself, what do you print? How much printing you do in a day? Do you need extra features? How big is the business? If you print official documents with no graphics except logos, a monochrome laser or LED printer will do the job just fine. Businesses that need to print smooth-looking images on different media may require an inkjet printer.

2. Consumables

While most people would buy the cheapest printer in the store, one should consider the consumables first before the purchase price. Items like toner, ink, and cartilage have to be replaced every now and them unlike the printer itself and usually the cheaper the printer, the more expensive its consumables will be. Besides the cost of cartilage, toner, and ink; look at how long they will be used before needing replacement as inkjet consumables are cheaper but have a very low page-yield.

3. Size

You will be surprised to see some large business printers that take up a lot of space in a room. Consider the size of your office and decide how much space you want to give to the printer. A small business obviously does not need a humongous printer, but even big ones should choose a medium sized business printer and one big copy machine.

4. Features

Several features are necessary for every business printer such as internet connectivity, double-sided printing and making copies. However, some businesses will require color, fax, WIFI, scanning, and others in the same machine for convenience.

5. Speed

If there are only one or two people who will be using the printer to make a few documents in a day, it is not important to choose a high-speed printer like solid ink or laser. However, there are instances where quality is preferred to quantity, and a good inkjet printer will be best in this case though it’s slow.

Over and above your budget and business needs; the best business printers should be easy to use and maintain. If the firm doesn’t have a full-time technician, you should buy from a company that will offer you additional support services in case of any technical issue.

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