Top 5 Technologies To Look Forward To In The Next Decade

Oculus Bridge by Andu Uhm

You would have to have been born in the late 80’s or earlier to appreciate just how fast technology has been evolving. If you were born in the 1980’s you watched as the Walkman became the Discman then became the MP3 player and today is a part of your phone; If you were born in the 1980’s or earlier you would have watched as the home phone became cordless then cellular and now the home phone has become as close to obsolete as possible; If you were born in the 1980’s or earlier you would have watched the map become the GPS system then become a GPS application on that same phone which made the Walkman and home phone obsolete. This stroll down memory lane serves to make us appreciate how quickly technology has evolved. Thus, we are certain the technology will continue to evolve at an exponential rate – but towards what? We are looking at the top technologies to get excited about within the next decade that will once again change the way we experience the world.

  1. Virtual Reality
    Oculus Rift has manufactured 3D headsets that are revolutionizing the gaming experience for game enthusiasts. But that is not all, the military has been partnering with such 3D technology in order to design training methods for recruits. Furthermore, many futurists predict that 3D virtual reality headsets will influence how we form relationships with each other and will broaden the range of experiences that we can have access to during our life times.
  2. Indoor Navigation Technologies
    It is almost as difficult to find the communal floor map in a mall as it is to find the thing you are looking for on the mall map. Indoor navigation technologies with allow people to find what they are looking for without having to find a floor plan map first. This will be a revolutionary technology in commercial settings such as malls, sports arenas, and convention events. Furthermore, this technology will revolutionize business solutions by allowing coworkers to coordinate with each other more efficiently and immediately. New employees will know immediately how to navigate their new work places and employees in warehouses will be able to coordinate their product movements with each other. Furthermore, visitor experiences will be enhanced in museums and at other attractions. Indoor navigation is being worked on by both large organizations like Google and smaller organizations like JibeStream. It is yet another way that technology is bringing us together by making everywhere feel familiar.
  3. Smartthings
    Smartthings are comprehensive devices that coordinate the various features of your home such as smoke alarms, humidity, heat, motion sensors on doors, cameras, and lights. Smartthings allows you to monitor all of these devices right on your smart phone.
  4. Google Glass
    These glasses allow you to see various applications within the foreground of your view of the spectacles. You can control the applications with your voice. Most importantly, other people won’t even know you are using any applications at all. Over the next decade, futurists anticipate a switch from people using handheld devices to wearing spectacled devices that look like regular glasses and require no hands at all!
  5. Driverless Cars
    People are already giving their trust to autonomous cars. These cars require only that you give directions – then they do the rest. Drivers are becoming passengers as the car steers, breaks, and turns on its own.

With the pace at which technology evolves, it is difficult to know where we will be in the next ten years, but one thing is for sure, at this speed, it will look a lot different than today!

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