Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Tools are a very flexible term in the sense that everything we do in life requires a “tool” of sorts. Tools help us communicate, complete jobs, and live day-to-day routine in a way that we define as comfortable. While this thought could go several different directions, and was fun to think about, the kind of tools we are going to be focusing on right now is the kind of tools you can hold.


If you are a homeowner, or even someone that is renting a property that they like to take care of, these are the tools you should have on hand to make your life easier:


A screwdriver is an obvious tool to have around, but probably the most important as well. Having one of each, flathead and phillips, will allow you to take apart most things that reside within your home. Whether it’s a doorknob, or light switch covers, a screwdriver is all you really need.  

Measurement Tape

Measurement tape has a bundle of uses but one of the most notable would be the rearrangement of a home. If you are going to move a heavy piece of furniture to a particular location it’s heavily advised to make sure that it will fit there.

Power Drill

Some may say that a power drill may be a bit excessive for their needs around the house, but they would be, to put it politely, incorrect. A power drill is a tool that can greatly simplify life by:

Extension Cord

We have all encountered the moment where we are dragging “x” electrical appliance to a particular location only to see that life wants to laugh at us that day and leaves us missing the mark by about 5 feet. Having this handy item around can prevent this very ironic scenario.


To hammer things. Yes, it’s that simple.


If not for the days where mother nature decided to leave you in the pitch black, a flashlight is great to have around for tasks that light simply can’t seem to get to. It’s a tool that can be utilized several different ways.


There are specific tools that help with the application of caulk, such as caulk liners, but for the sake of reference, caulk works. Having a little extra bit of this around is good in case of simple home repairs, or even in the case of a leak around a faucet.

Utility Knife

This tool can be used as a resource for whatever needs to be cut in a precise and safe manner. If it isn’t tape or possibly even string it can also be used as a pencil sharpener.


Tools help make life easier. By taking the time to insure that you have these particular ones around your home it can make a huge difference in simplifying your day-to-day routine. You can find more info at the Mississauga Hardware website.

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