Need for Efficient Sleeve Storage in Flexography

(image source: FLEXSTOR™)

The flexography industry is a tough one. There is cut-throat competition as in every other business. But in addition to that, it has the added necessity to pay attention to minute details whenever possible. Essentially, it incorporates screen printing using printing plates also known as sleeves. A business like this one needs efficiency and focus. But in addition to this, there is the requirement to be able to cut back unnecessary costs. And what better way to cut back costs than improving your sleeve storage system manifold. After all, it is affordable and you can choose the setup which fulfils your requirement.

Printing sleeves or plates as they are called are really delicate objects, requiring careful handling and cushioned treatment. In addition to being really subtle, they are also a large investment in this industry. Therefore, they need to be stored in safe, sturdy, efficient storage system. Absolute attention is required while handling these pieces as they are crucial to the flexography business. Flexographic sleeve storage solutions from industry giant FlexStor help you to take good care of your sleeves. Properly shaped flex cart, well-positioned airshaft and cleaning cart can make your life easier by reducing the workload. These attributes to a sleeve storage system can help to increase your productivity significantly.

More often than not, it is observed that sleeves last longer and retain their shape well if they are stored vertically so as to counter the effects of gravity. This is vital to protect the round sleeves from being transformed into oval shaped plates. If the right shape is not preserved, it becomes immensely difficult to place the sleeves on the press and get suitable results as it lacks the proper placement of ink and also the color is off. Storing your sleeves well is a basic business practice that needs to be adhered to for replacing deformed or damaged sleeves is an expense that you can do without.

Dynamic racking in sleeve storage is another great feature. It uses the minimum amount of space to ensure the highest density of sleeve storage. Reducing friction using rollers assists the hassle-free transport of racks from one place to another to create an entrance alley right where you need it without wasting precious inches. This way damage to top and bottom of the sleeve is also prevented by implementing adjustable round discs and padding. There is no possibility of any damage to the sleeves this way and you end up saving floor space, all in one go. Even the layers of the sleeve storage are scratch proof and imbibe a clean powder coating that provides a sophisticated and suave appearance for the entire setup. The entire system speaks volumes about the industry-oriented, motivated nature of the business and its workers. It is a sectional setup. So adding extensions and enlarging your storage is no issue at all.

It minimizes all the risks and provides every possible protection to your prize sleeves ensuring that you do not lose a single piece in storage. This ensures the smooth running of your enterprise and keeps you abreast of the closest competitors.

Ultimately, a sturdy, safe and reliable storage is the backbone of this detail based industry. So, having a sleeve storage system is a must not only for the sleeves but for the business as a whole.

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