How to Safely Package Food

The food industry is a gigantic market. It’s one that relies on the consistency of consumers, sure, but additionally, it relies on a chain of operations that insure safety and consistency.


One of the largest challenges in the food industry is safely packaging food so that it can move from one destination to another, both intact and unspoiled. While the initial thought on anything shipping related is normally how much time something takes to ship, shipping food is a bit more complicated.


The following are the things you need to consider to safely package food for shipping:

Special Requirements

Particular kinds of food are going to have specific requirements to not spoil. Temperatures need to be considered, pressure on the product, and leak proof sealing.


Special options such as:

Can help insure that particular requirements are being met for a food to stay non-hazardous.


Depending on the product certain measures, such as the above options, will have to be taken to insure it’s fit for travel.By addressing this properly it insures that nothing will become spoiled over the length of travel.

Use Safety Gear

When using certain tools to insure a food is safe to ship there are precautions that need to be taken so no harm comes from it. A prime example is dry ice, which is in fact a hazardous material. Exposure directly to skin can result in pain that is similar to a burn.


The proper way of handling this material is a set of gloves designed to do so. For any other kind of material that offers a similar complication it’s wise to make sure you have the tools to handle it so that all parties are safe in doing so.

Shelf Life

Consider the average shelf life of a given product to consider the speed that you will have to ship an item in order for it to retain its full value.


The idea of preservatives tends to scare people with the idea that chemicals are being added to the food being shipped. Respectfully, it’s an understood notion that no one wants to eat chemicals, but what needs to be noted is the fact that there are plenty of preservatives that are completely harmless for consumption.


Insure that the preservatives being used are safe and consider the ways that they can be applied. In some cases preservatives can be applied to the packaging itself as opposed to directly to the food, which becomes a win-win scenario for the consumers concerned with the mixture of the two.

Reliable Packaging

The simplest concept of the bunch: make sure that your packaging is reliable. If a box looks like it has been through a rough patch then bite the bullet and get one that can assure the safety of the product. It really is that simple.


Food packaging is an important process that needs to be handled responsibly or it can come with drastic consequence. Take the time to insure you are doing it properly. Additional information and insights can be found at the FlexPak website.

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