Top 5 Tips for Buying a Business Printer

Whether you are starting a business or you have been there for a while, having a reliable printer in the office is very important. Today business printers are built with improved technologies, and they are more affordable than ever, so there is no excuse not to have one. However, one might ask, with so many types of printers such as inkjet, laser, LED and solid ink, how do you know which is the best printer for my business? Here are top 5 tips from the experts;

1. Type of the Business

Not all companies print word documents and spreadsheets only; others have to print on canvas, fabric and print is important to ask yourself, what do you print? How much printing you do in a day? Do you need extra features? How big is the business? If you print official documents with no graphics except logos, a monochrome laser or LED printer will do the job just fine. Businesses that need to print smooth-looking images on different media may require an inkjet printer.

2. Consumables

While most people would buy the cheapest printer in the store, one should consider the consumables first before the purchase price. Items like toner, ink, and cartilage have to be replaced every now and them unlike the printer itself and usually the cheaper the printer, the more expensive its consumables will be. Besides the cost of cartilage, toner, and ink; look at how long they will be used before needing replacement as inkjet consumables are cheaper but have a very low page-yield.

3. Size

You will be surprised to see some large business printers that take up a lot of space in a room. Consider the size of your office and decide how much space you want to give to the printer. A small business obviously does not need a humongous printer, but even big ones should choose a medium sized business printer and one big copy machine.

4. Features

Several features are necessary for every business printer such as internet connectivity, double-sided printing and making copies. However, some businesses will require color, fax, WIFI, scanning, and others in the same machine for convenience.

5. Speed

If there are only one or two people who will be using the printer to make a few documents in a day, it is not important to choose a high-speed printer like solid ink or laser. However, there are instances where quality is preferred to quantity, and a good inkjet printer will be best in this case though it’s slow.

Over and above your budget and business needs; the best business printers should be easy to use and maintain. If the firm doesn’t have a full-time technician, you should buy from a company that will offer you additional support services in case of any technical issue.

Top 5 Vaping Myths

Despite vaping being a relatively new trend, it is controversial among smokers and non-smokers alike. Controversy regarding vaping exists due to the lack of sufficient research on the practice and its health effects. In addition to that, most people harbour misconceptions about vaping. This article addresses five most common vaping misconceptions. Visit Tools 420 if you want to find more resources and information.

Misconception # 1: Vaping is Dangerous Like Smoking

In contrast to vaping, smoking requires the direct burning of tobacco. This releases ashes, carcinogens, and other compounds into the air. On the other hand, vaporizers pass water vapour and heated air over tobacco to produce the desired results. As such, the process does not burn any product directly which minimizes the number of harmful products inhaled. Another difference is that vaping liquids contain products found in everyday products except for nicotine. These ingredients have been found not to cause any adverse effects to humans.

Misconception # 2 Vaporizer Batteries are Bombs Ready to Go Off

Even though batteries can explode, correctly using batteries helps prevent them from exploding. Similar to all batteries, you vaporizer’s battery needs adequate ventilation while in use or when charging. Hence, it is important to practice the proper battery care etiquette to prevent explosions. As long as you handle batteries correctly, they are as safe to use as your mobile phone’s battery.

Misconception# 3: Danger of Second Hand Smoke

As vaporizers do not burn real tobacco, they omit less carcinogenic content than cigarettes. Though second-hand vape contains nicotine, its content is insignificant. Results of various studies indicate that second-hand smoke is dangerous. The impact of second-hand vape will prove less dangerous once on-going studies conclude.

Misconception # 4: Non-regulation of Vaporizers

Initially, when these devices entered the market, they were not regulated federally.The FDA recently instituted federal controls on vape shops and manufacturers. In turn, this ensures that only quality products make it into the market with inferior products being eliminated. In addition to that, most vape shops have internal quality assessment tests that ensure that vapers get high quality as well as safer devices.

Misconception # 5: Vaping Leads to Smoking

Originally, vaporizers were created to help individuals quit smoking by providing an alternative to the direct lighting up of tobacco products. Smoking is perceived negatively, causes health risks, and foul odors. This is why most smokers are transiting to vaping as an alternative to smoking. Several studies demonstrate that people vape to control smoking their habit. Besides that, most vapors have previous smoking histories.

Rumors and the lack of conclusive studies cause havoc and panic about vaping. But the truth of the matter is that vaping is much safer than smoking. Vaping can help regular, or hardcore smokers curb, control or quit smoking. In addition to that, vaping provides a more secure inhaling alternative.

Wrongful Death Claims in Personal Injury Cases

The death of a loved one in an accident or under the care of health care professionals is devastating to say the least. If the death was as a result of negligence or a breach of standard care, then the law provides that you can file a wrongful death claim. This allows for the party liable for the death to be held responsible. Wrongful death claims are complicated. You need the expert help of a wrongful death or personal injury lawyer to advice you on how to go about it.

Understanding Wrongful Death Claims

A wrongful death applies when a victim dies as a result of intentional harm or negligence of the defendant. For the defendant to be held liable, the personal injury lawyer must first prove duty of care and then show how this care was breached. In addition to this, the personal injury lawyer must demonstrate that the breach is what resulted in the death of the victim.

There are several situations when a wrongful death can occur. A victim may die due to medical malpractice. This may happen when the doctor fails to properly diagnose a condition. His actions may have led to the administration of the wrong treatment resulting in death. Car accidents as a result of negligence can also lead to fatalities. In such a case, the surviving family can file a wrongful death claim. A death claim arising from a work related injury is normally handled separately.

Wrongful death damages

If the court ascertains that indeed the defendant’s actions resulted in death, the courts then awards wrongful death damages. The personal injury attorney can help the client to receive compensation including:

• Pre-death pain and suffering
• Funeral and burial expenses
• Loss of inheritance due to death
• Medical expenses incurred by the deceased prior to death
• Loss of personal income
• Loss of care, nurturing and guidance to the surviving family.
• Loss of consortium
• Loss of companionship and love
• Loss of any services that the deceased was providing

The need for a personal injury lawyer

Gathering the medical evidence and witnesses needed to file a wrongful death claim can be a long process. On your own, you may not have the expertise or man power needed. This is why it is best to let a personal injury lawyer handle your case. These lawyers have a wide network that can benefit you in such cases. Wrongful death claims often involve rigorous court cases. It is best to hire a lawyer who specializes in such claims.

Knowledge of the law and experience is crucial in such cases. A personal injury lawyer or a wrongful death attorney can help you with the claim as you mourn and take time to heal. This gives you much needed peace of mind. The Claim Accident website may be able to provide you with more information.

Get Peace of Mind as a Business Owner

If you are a small business owner, you may be trying to cut your expenses by leaving off products and services that you do not think are necessary. You may want to skip small business insurance because you think it will be costly or that you will never have to use it. The following are five reasons that you absolutely have to have small business insurance for your company:

Personal Injury Is a Job

Thousands of personal injury claims go through the system because of customers that claim they received an injury inside of a business. Not all of those claims are legitimate, yet some of the claimants still win. Small business insurance can cover you so that you don't end up with a ridiculous bill to pay for that personal injury.

Workers Get Hurt

You should also get the insurance to protect yourself in case of worker injuries. Not only is it required in some places, but also it is beneficial. Workers' compensation insurance can help cover your employees if they happen to get hurt while they are working. The benefit will pay such employees a certain percentage of their usual work rates.

Nature Acts When It Wants To

You never know when your town is going to get hit with a flood, tornado, hurricane or something else. The weather specialists can try to predict it, but sometimes things happen without warning. You do not want to have your business float away or get blown away and have no way to rebuild. The insurance may be able to cover you if that happens.

You Can't Predict the Actions of Others

Another reason for you to get small business insurance is that you cannot predict the actions of others. You never know when someone might case your store for a crime and take advantage of your business's vulnerabilities. With the appropriate coverage, you can receive compensation if something happens. The coverage may be able to replace the personal property that you lose in your business, as well.

It Costs Less Than Repairs Will

When it comes down to it, the cost of small business insurance is not going to be anywhere nearly as high as the devastating price of trying to get your business rebuilt. You can speak with a Canadian insurance agent who can offer you an option for a price that you can afford. You can speak to an agent who is not partial to any one insurance company. That way you can receive a fair and unbiased quote for insurance from one of the best companies in the industry. Don't get caught without small business insurance. You will be sorry that you didn't make the investment. If you want to learn more, you may be interested in checking out the resources at TruShield Insurance.

3 Tips for Saving Money on Jewelry

Whether you like to buy it for yourself so that you have different pieces to wear with every outfit, or if you are shopping for jewelry for someone you love, such as for a gift for your spouse, then you might be wondering how you can save money on these pieces. After all, as you probably already know, nice jewelry can be quite expensive. Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can save money on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more.

1. Consider Buying Used

If you have never thought about buying rings and other pieces used, it's definitely something that you might want to look into. One great way to buy it used is to shop at a pawn shop, where you can often choose from all sorts of items for very reasonable prices. Just make sure that you carefully inspect each used piece for any damage, such as missing stones. You may also want to ask to have the piece cleaned before you buy it so that you can get a better look at it and make sure that it's not tarnished. Not only is buying used a good way to save money, but it's also a good way to find pieces that might not be available in the stores nowadays.

2. Look for "Plated" Options

When shopping for many pieces, you might prefer to look for pieces that are made out of solid gold. However, in general, you can expect to pay more for these pieces. If you'd like to save money, you may want to look for pieces that are made out of metal but that are gold plated. This can give you the same finish that you are looking for and can allow you to wear "fake metals" if you ave sensitive skin, but it can allow you to cut costs at the same time.

3. Shop at the Right Time

As with just about anything, there are right and wrong times to shop for engagement rings, necklaces and other pieces. Many stores that sell these pieces have specials during certain holiday seasons, such as around Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas. Shopping during this time and keeping an eye on the sales ads for each of the jewelry stores in your area is a good way to catch great deals that can allow you to save a lot of money.

Many people think that they cannot afford real jewelry. However, if you are looking for ways to find nice pieces for yourself but if you're on a tight budget, consider giving these three tips a try. Then, you might find that it's more affordable to add to your collection than you thought it would be. For additional information, visit Pinto Gold and Jewellery Buyers and learn more from their online resources.

Network Automation: What's all The Buzz About?

Cyberspace is the virtual cosmos of the 21st century. It is the neural network of the techno-savvy age combining both virtual and physical environments. It is shocking torealize that this enormous interconnected web is supported by a vast array of infrastructural setup that supports both data manipulation and network connectivity required to help the growth of such virtual frameworks.

Within this setup, there are applications, user interactions as well as communication links and data storage entities involving a major portion of human resources that create and control such setup. And this is where network automation comes into play.

Network automation is the utilization of sophisticated information technology controls to facilitate surveillance of such networks and assist in every-day network manipulation functionalities.

These functionalities are among a wide diversity, from fundamental network mapping and external device identification to network administration and management and the allocation of cybernetic network units.

 Public cloud provider services are already highly automated and self-help enabled, and many enterprise IT organizations are moving their operations to such data centers involving such systems. This gives rise to the necessity of service level agreements (SLAs) for the system to help compute and facilitate storage resources that the organization's business units require. 

Network Automation software mechanizes the complete industrial work cycle of network gadgets from provisioning to policy-driven modification management, compliance, and security administration.

When unified with network automation software, an integrated solution that unites network fault, availability, and operations with change, configuration, compliance, and automated diagnostics.

Network Automation is one component of the network management resolution method that provides an inclusive, automated growth across the network management workspace.

The key benefits of network automation are:

  • It reduces costs by automating time-wasting manual interventions and configuration workloads.
  • It passes audit and standardization requirements easily with proactive policy-driven compliance reports.
  • It vastly improves the security and redundancy of the network by improvising measures and identifying and improving vulnerabilities before they hit hard.
  • It increases network stability as well as durability by not allowing inconsistencies and miscalculations to prevail for a long duration.

A major hurdle to fully taking advantage of network automation may not be technology. Rather, budgetary limitations and organizational preferences come into play at this stage.

There are benefits to an automated resource manipulation software that can be achieved by applying it to real world problems and systems so as to gather data and feedback in order to achieve efficiency and develop the cybernetic setup.

Setup automation plays a significant role in network management software, facilitating automated policy-based provisioning of network tenants and operations. Many organizations today incorporate network computerization proficiencies in their hardware and software. Network automation means errands are accomplished robotically.

At the greenest level, it industrializes what used to be typed by hand into command line interfaces (CLIs).  Some people associate network automation with scripting, but it is surely a lot more than that. It definitely starts with script-level mechanization, advances to intellectual grid regulator, and at the maximum level, and translates network overseers’ requirements via strategy.

Bluecat, a giant in network automation system market, has some of the greatest automation algorithms which are being used by hundreds of IT companies on a regular basis.

Networks are fundamental parts of IT initiatives. And that is why there is the undeniable need for network automation technologies. Basically, it is your prerogative to employ this system but one thing is for sure that it cannot be ignored.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Cycling

Cycling as an outdoor activity has numerous benefits. If you are doing it just as a hobby, great! If not, you seriously need to consider adopting cycling. Plus you always have the option of choosing the right bike for you, whether they are cruiser bikes or fixed gear bikes. Here we will be discussing the top benefits of cycling which will help you both physically as well as mentally. 

Stress Buster:

Call it an escape mechanism or whatever, when you cycle, you are basically getting out of your comfort zone. You are travelling to places, inhaling air laden with different fragrances and also engaging in physical activity- all at once. This can significantly reduce the amount of stress you might have been enduring because of work or personal life. Plus, you can always have some alone time for yourself. Many people who have confined themselves into a particular lifestyle or a comfort zone are always at a risk of depression and slow metabolism problems. Getting out and exploring places while cycling would not only give you a new perspective, but would also slowly increase your comfort zone and you would be a lot more confident. 

Money Saver:

If you are using cycling for commute or even for going to local places to get groceries or daily supplies, you would be saving yourself a little money on each trip. These small amounts can increase your savings by a lot depending upon the frequency of the trips you take. So you are getting healthier and richer, both at the same time.

Not only does it save money during the commute, the entire set of cycle and its accessories are far cheaper than those of motor bikes. You can get a single speed bike from Regal Bikes for as low as $350

Increased Life Expectancy:

It needs not be reiterated that each trip you take on a cycle adds to your daily physical activity and hence benefits your health. Regular cycling can help you increase your stamina and would keep many illnesses at bay. It has been demonstrated in many researches that cycling has helped enormously in improving the health of the people. Now who does not want to stay healthy and live longer? There, we have found you the secret recipe. 

Your Stomach Problems Would Go Away:

Many people who spend long hours sitting behind a desk or with very stressful jobs end up with bowel problems or constipation. Regular cycling and physical activity increases your metabolism which in turn improves your bowel movements. In some cases there have been very significant improvements within a very short period of time. 

You Would Fall Ill Less Often:

One of the greater benefits of cycling is that it improves your blood circulation and your immunity. You would be more immune to common diseases and you would stay fit. Cycling if done in early morning would expose you to the fresh morning air which is pollution free and would keep you healthier. A boost in immunity would also mean less days being sick and a bonus, if you can cash out those unused leave days. 

Improving Your Coordination:

Taking frequent trips on cruiser bikes or fixed gear bikes would improve the coordination between your brain and your limbs. You would be out in traffic and you would constantly have to peddle, brake and take note of the circumstances around you. This would greatly improve your coordination which gets otherwise dull if your entire day gets spent doing mundane things. 

We have evaluated all the benefits that cycling gives you. We certainly hope that it wouldn't be long before you pick up this hobby.


Need for Efficient Sleeve Storage in Flexography

(image source: FLEXSTOR™)

The flexography industry is a tough one. There is cut-throat competition as in every other business. But in addition to that, it has the added necessity to pay attention to minute details whenever possible. Essentially, it incorporates screen printing using printing plates also known as sleeves. A business like this one needs efficiency and focus. But in addition to this, there is the requirement to be able to cut back unnecessary costs. And what better way to cut back costs than improving your sleeve storage system manifold. After all, it is affordable and you can choose the setup which fulfils your requirement.

Printing sleeves or plates as they are called are really delicate objects, requiring careful handling and cushioned treatment. In addition to being really subtle, they are also a large investment in this industry. Therefore, they need to be stored in safe, sturdy, efficient storage system. Absolute attention is required while handling these pieces as they are crucial to the flexography business. Flexographic sleeve storage solutions from industry giant FlexStor help you to take good care of your sleeves. Properly shaped flex cart, well-positioned airshaft and cleaning cart can make your life easier by reducing the workload. These attributes to a sleeve storage system can help to increase your productivity significantly.

More often than not, it is observed that sleeves last longer and retain their shape well if they are stored vertically so as to counter the effects of gravity. This is vital to protect the round sleeves from being transformed into oval shaped plates. If the right shape is not preserved, it becomes immensely difficult to place the sleeves on the press and get suitable results as it lacks the proper placement of ink and also the color is off. Storing your sleeves well is a basic business practice that needs to be adhered to for replacing deformed or damaged sleeves is an expense that you can do without.

Dynamic racking in sleeve storage is another great feature. It uses the minimum amount of space to ensure the highest density of sleeve storage. Reducing friction using rollers assists the hassle-free transport of racks from one place to another to create an entrance alley right where you need it without wasting precious inches. This way damage to top and bottom of the sleeve is also prevented by implementing adjustable round discs and padding. There is no possibility of any damage to the sleeves this way and you end up saving floor space, all in one go. Even the layers of the sleeve storage are scratch proof and imbibe a clean powder coating that provides a sophisticated and suave appearance for the entire setup. The entire system speaks volumes about the industry-oriented, motivated nature of the business and its workers. It is a sectional setup. So adding extensions and enlarging your storage is no issue at all.

It minimizes all the risks and provides every possible protection to your prize sleeves ensuring that you do not lose a single piece in storage. This ensures the smooth running of your enterprise and keeps you abreast of the closest competitors.

Ultimately, a sturdy, safe and reliable storage is the backbone of this detail based industry. So, having a sleeve storage system is a must not only for the sleeves but for the business as a whole.

Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Tools are a very flexible term in the sense that everything we do in life requires a “tool” of sorts. Tools help us communicate, complete jobs, and live day-to-day routine in a way that we define as comfortable. While this thought could go several different directions, and was fun to think about, the kind of tools we are going to be focusing on right now is the kind of tools you can hold.


If you are a homeowner, or even someone that is renting a property that they like to take care of, these are the tools you should have on hand to make your life easier:


A screwdriver is an obvious tool to have around, but probably the most important as well. Having one of each, flathead and phillips, will allow you to take apart most things that reside within your home. Whether it’s a doorknob, or light switch covers, a screwdriver is all you really need.  

Measurement Tape

Measurement tape has a bundle of uses but one of the most notable would be the rearrangement of a home. If you are going to move a heavy piece of furniture to a particular location it’s heavily advised to make sure that it will fit there.

Power Drill

Some may say that a power drill may be a bit excessive for their needs around the house, but they would be, to put it politely, incorrect. A power drill is a tool that can greatly simplify life by:

  • Allowing us to drill holes for a variety of household needs (Think picture frames or having to secure a piece of furniture)
  • Allows the homeowner to take things apart that would otherwise take long amounts of time and result in very sore hands.

Extension Cord

We have all encountered the moment where we are dragging “x” electrical appliance to a particular location only to see that life wants to laugh at us that day and leaves us missing the mark by about 5 feet. Having this handy item around can prevent this very ironic scenario.


To hammer things. Yes, it’s that simple.


If not for the days where mother nature decided to leave you in the pitch black, a flashlight is great to have around for tasks that light simply can’t seem to get to. It’s a tool that can be utilized several different ways.


There are specific tools that help with the application of caulk, such as caulk liners, but for the sake of reference, caulk works. Having a little extra bit of this around is good in case of simple home repairs, or even in the case of a leak around a faucet.

Utility Knife

This tool can be used as a resource for whatever needs to be cut in a precise and safe manner. If it isn’t tape or possibly even string it can also be used as a pencil sharpener.


Tools help make life easier. By taking the time to insure that you have these particular ones around your home it can make a huge difference in simplifying your day-to-day routine. You can find more info at the Mississauga Hardware website.

How to Safely Package Food

The food industry is a gigantic market. It’s one that relies on the consistency of consumers, sure, but additionally, it relies on a chain of operations that insure safety and consistency.


One of the largest challenges in the food industry is safely packaging food so that it can move from one destination to another, both intact and unspoiled. While the initial thought on anything shipping related is normally how much time something takes to ship, shipping food is a bit more complicated.


The following are the things you need to consider to safely package food for shipping:

Special Requirements

Particular kinds of food are going to have specific requirements to not spoil. Temperatures need to be considered, pressure on the product, and leak proof sealing.


Special options such as:

  • Dry ice
  • Foam
  • Gel packs

Can help insure that particular requirements are being met for a food to stay non-hazardous.


Depending on the product certain measures, such as the above options, will have to be taken to insure it’s fit for travel.By addressing this properly it insures that nothing will become spoiled over the length of travel.

Use Safety Gear

When using certain tools to insure a food is safe to ship there are precautions that need to be taken so no harm comes from it. A prime example is dry ice, which is in fact a hazardous material. Exposure directly to skin can result in pain that is similar to a burn.


The proper way of handling this material is a set of gloves designed to do so. For any other kind of material that offers a similar complication it’s wise to make sure you have the tools to handle it so that all parties are safe in doing so.

Shelf Life

Consider the average shelf life of a given product to consider the speed that you will have to ship an item in order for it to retain its full value.


The idea of preservatives tends to scare people with the idea that chemicals are being added to the food being shipped. Respectfully, it’s an understood notion that no one wants to eat chemicals, but what needs to be noted is the fact that there are plenty of preservatives that are completely harmless for consumption.


Insure that the preservatives being used are safe and consider the ways that they can be applied. In some cases preservatives can be applied to the packaging itself as opposed to directly to the food, which becomes a win-win scenario for the consumers concerned with the mixture of the two.

Reliable Packaging

The simplest concept of the bunch: make sure that your packaging is reliable. If a box looks like it has been through a rough patch then bite the bullet and get one that can assure the safety of the product. It really is that simple.


Food packaging is an important process that needs to be handled responsibly or it can come with drastic consequence. Take the time to insure you are doing it properly. Additional information and insights can be found at the FlexPak website.

5 Packaging Musts for a Successful Product

Despite that the average grocery store has as many words as an entire dictionary stacked and labeled throughout the store, eye-tracking studies have shown that on average, consumers only read about seven words throughout their shopping experience. Thus, most purchase decisions are made by the consumer’s instinct: colour, shape and familiarity of the product location.


These instincts are referred to as Biomotive Triggers. Biomotive Triggers are sensory cues that generate emotion and action in our subconsciousbefore the conscious brain realizes it. These Biomotive Triggers can be designed into packages. Researches have so far identified 16 combinations of these triggers that influence consumer choices. Thus, not enough emphasis can be made about the importance of packaging in marketing a product. So what are the keys to effective packaging?


1.) Be Simple. Convoluted packaging can overwhelm consumers, causing confusion about your product. Consider the needs of your client and how they would want to feel about your product. For example, if the client needs your product for solving a problem, perhaps unclogging a drain or a software product needed for simplifying graphic design – you can anticipate your customer’s emotions when they are looking for the product: they could be agitated or frustrated. It is best to have your product wrapped in a simple and clean looking label that communicates calm and simplification.


2.) Trigger Emotional Engagement. We instinctively return eye contact that is made towards us. Especially in children’s products, note how many effective labels feature characters who are making eye contact. Most consumers act when a brand makes them feel something.


3.) The Five-Year Old Test: You should be able to describe your brand to a five-year-old then send them into a store to find it. If the child can find it then you have succeeded in creating a memorable and easily spotted brand. Doing so often means choosing one or two elements that immediately stand out. Too many details can bog down the effectiveness of your label by watering down the few key elements that it relies on to work.


4.) Label Image Quality: It is one thing to have your label drafted up nicely on the whiteboard, but a whole other to have it printed out clearly and professionally. Choose packaging software that will ensure your label design comes out professional and engaging. Poor packaging software choices can make all the difference in the effectiveness of marketing and labeling campaigns. A quality image designed with quality packaging software will solicit the consumer’s trust in the product.


5.) Know Your Competitors. Knowing your competitors, who you will be sharing shelf space with, is essential in appropriate and successful labeling. Find the medium so that your label looks unmistakably unique but not so different that it seems like it is selling an entirely different product and has been stacked on the wrong shelf.


There is still much research to be completed when it comes to packaging and its importance in a product’s success. However, we have made leaps in our findings about the relationship between labels and consumer choices, which suggests that companies’ longevity depends on their understanding of this relationship.

Considerations That Can Lower Your

Choosing the right doors and windows to install is about much more than taste and style. Your installation choice can have huge savings for you and your family in the long run. In order to get the savings you deserve it is important to know what you should consider when deciding what window and door installations are best for you.



It is essential to consider what direction your various windows and doors are facing. The direction can make all the difference in your overall energy costs as well as the general comfort of your experience in your house. Passive solar home design refers to choosing where your doors and windows are located in consideration of controlling solar energy to provide heating, cooling, and lighting. A passive solar design strategy can vary depending on the building’s location and the climate of the region. You should orient, size, and select glass that maximizes solar heat in the winter and minimizes heat in the summer.



Window choice should also depend on what climate you are living in. If you are living in a heating-dominated climate, major window areas should face the south in order to collect solar heat throughout the winter when the sun is at its lowest. Windows on the west, north, and east facing walls should be minimized so that they allow adequate light in consideration of your lighting bill but they should not be so large as to be letting the heat escape.


Now, if you live in a cooling climate, it is best to use north-facing windows and to shade your south-facing windows. This will allow you to preserve more heat in the winter and to capitalize on solar power opportunities when the sun is highest.


Energy-Efficient Set-up of Accessories:

Very often we only consider style and décor when selecting the curtains and blinds for our new windows. Doing so is a missed opportunity to save on energy costs in the long run. During warm weather, install white window shades, drapes or blinds in order to reflect the heat away from the house and close south and west-facing curtains during the day. You can even go so far as to apply sun-control films on south-facing windows in order to reduce heat gain. These tips should decrease your need for air-conditioning in those warm months. During the cold months, be sure to close your shades and curtains at night in order to defend against cold drafts; conversely, open these coverings during the day time to allow solar heat to come in. You can also install exterior or interior storm windows, which can reduce heat loss by almost 20%. Many people report proper window attendance as making a significant difference in their annual heating, cooling, and lighting bills.


There is much more to consider when installing windows and doors than just style. Properly assessing the location and seasons can save your household hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. Furthermore, governments around the world are recognizing the benefits of these kinds of considerations for the environment and there have been trends towards subsidies for such environment conscious housing upgrades. Be sure to do your research to find out if any of these opportunities could be available for you.

Top 5 Technologies To Look Forward To In The Next Decade

Oculus Bridge by Andu Uhm

You would have to have been born in the late 80’s or earlier to appreciate just how fast technology has been evolving. If you were born in the 1980’s you watched as the Walkman became the Discman then became the MP3 player and today is a part of your phone; If you were born in the 1980’s or earlier you would have watched as the home phone became cordless then cellular and now the home phone has become as close to obsolete as possible; If you were born in the 1980’s or earlier you would have watched the map become the GPS system then become a GPS application on that same phone which made the Walkman and home phone obsolete. This stroll down memory lane serves to make us appreciate how quickly technology has evolved. Thus, we are certain the technology will continue to evolve at an exponential rate – but towards what? We are looking at the top technologies to get excited about within the next decade that will once again change the way we experience the world.

  1. Virtual Reality
    Oculus Rift has manufactured 3D headsets that are revolutionizing the gaming experience for game enthusiasts. But that is not all, the military has been partnering with such 3D technology in order to design training methods for recruits. Furthermore, many futurists predict that 3D virtual reality headsets will influence how we form relationships with each other and will broaden the range of experiences that we can have access to during our life times.
  2. Indoor Navigation Technologies
    It is almost as difficult to find the communal floor map in a mall as it is to find the thing you are looking for on the mall map. Indoor navigation technologies with allow people to find what they are looking for without having to find a floor plan map first. This will be a revolutionary technology in commercial settings such as malls, sports arenas, and convention events. Furthermore, this technology will revolutionize business solutions by allowing coworkers to coordinate with each other more efficiently and immediately. New employees will know immediately how to navigate their new work places and employees in warehouses will be able to coordinate their product movements with each other. Furthermore, visitor experiences will be enhanced in museums and at other attractions. Indoor navigation is being worked on by both large organizations like Google and smaller organizations like JibeStream. It is yet another way that technology is bringing us together by making everywhere feel familiar.
  3. Smartthings
    Smartthings are comprehensive devices that coordinate the various features of your home such as smoke alarms, humidity, heat, motion sensors on doors, cameras, and lights. Smartthings allows you to monitor all of these devices right on your smart phone.
  4. Google Glass
    These glasses allow you to see various applications within the foreground of your view of the spectacles. You can control the applications with your voice. Most importantly, other people won’t even know you are using any applications at all. Over the next decade, futurists anticipate a switch from people using handheld devices to wearing spectacled devices that look like regular glasses and require no hands at all!
  5. Driverless Cars
    People are already giving their trust to autonomous cars. These cars require only that you give directions – then they do the rest. Drivers are becoming passengers as the car steers, breaks, and turns on its own.

With the pace at which technology evolves, it is difficult to know where we will be in the next ten years, but one thing is for sure, at this speed, it will look a lot different than today!

7 Eating Habits After Gastric Balloon Surgery

Gastric balloon surgery is an option for people who are looking to lose between 10 pounds to 50 pounds. A safe, balloon is inserted into the stomach in order to make the stomach feel more full. The purpose of this procedure is to make the stomach feel fuller easier, thus requiring the patient to eat less food which will initiate weight loss. However, when undergoing this procedure it is very important to still take diet into consideration for the six months during which the gastric balloon is in the stomach. So what can you expect your diet to look like after gastric balloon surgery? Good question. It actually depends at what phase you are in in your recovery after the procedure.

  1. Eat slowly. Your diet after the gastric balloon surgery is not just about what you eat but also how you eat. Be sure to chew your food very thoroughly and to not rush your meals.
  2. Be sure to divide your food into small portions. A way to make this transition more easily is to use a small plate or bowl.
  3. It is important to manage your fluid intake thoughtfully after a gastric balloon surgery. It is not recommended that you drink while eating as this will fill you up very fast which will reduce the amount of necessary calories that you need for nutrition. Also, be sure you are measuring your fluid intake and that it meets about 1500mL per day.
  4. Balloon management. After meals, you will need to drink small sips of water as this will clean the balloon off after meals. Doing this will prevent uncomfortable burping that can be caused by food that is stuck on the balloon in the stomach.
  5. During the daytime you can eat whenever you would like. However, be mindful in the evening to each at least two hours before going to sleep in order to avoid any discomfort.
  6. Phase and Foods: During the first three days after your gastric balloon surgery you will only be eating fluids. From days 4 – 9 you will be eating soft foods, such as blended fruits, mashed potatoes, and blended meats or fish. By day 10 you can return to regular textured foods, however, it is important to be conscientious of your diet in order to meet your nutritional needs.
  7. Suggested menus: Your menu will change after you have a gastric balloon surgery because you will not be able to eat as large of portions as you had before the surgery. A decent menu could look like this: Breakfast can be a half cup of milk with three tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal; Lunch and dinner can consist of 2 ounces of lean meat, two tablespoons of vegetables, and perhaps one piece of bread. For snacks, one could have a small serving of sugarless fruit juice.

Naturally, a change in your physical body will require a change in your routines. After undergoing gastric balloon surgery, be sure to plan your meals properly in order to obtain your goal results but also in order to maintain nutrition in your body. Follow the recommendations of your surgeon or dietition to ensure a speedy recovery. Gastric Balloon is not for everyone.